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What Can Cause Atrophic Kidney

Many patients know renal atrophy will be asked to renal atrophy is what caused it. Renal atrophy and kidney volume and age, gender and body height, body weight compared to the relatively small or significantly reduced anomalies. A long period of kidney disease, resulting in renal units, in particular, glomerular damage, the entire kidney volume is reduced. Renal atrophy causes related to changes in renal function when patients with renal atrophy or bound to renal insufficiency until renal failure - uremia. Therefore, in the treatment of kidney disease process improvement and control of renal atrophy is crucial.General renal atrophy caused by the following: a learning of renal atrophy should be considered as congenital renal hypoplasia, followed by consideration for end-stage renal disease, renal failure, uremia, or some acute illness. Such as: acute glomerular diseases, diabetic kidney stiffening of kidney transplant rejection, chronic glomerulonephritis, renal cortical necrosis, Alport syndrome, acute tubular necrosis, hypertensive nephrosclerosis. 2, both kidneys or the side of the kidney to narrow are the cause of chronic pyelonephritis, which is also a common cause of renal atrophy. The kidneys shrink Generally speaking, the development of chronic kidney disease to renal dysfunction, especially renal failure, uremia, serum creatinine, blood urea nitrogen, serious kidney damage, renal parenchyma hurt, the kidney will be reduced. So remind renal atrophy and the patient must be the disease attach great importance to strong occult renal disease, glomerular filtration rate of less than 50%, clinical symptoms of severe kidney damage was consequential. After the diagnosis of renal atrophy must actively find out the reasons in order to troubleshoot the condition. In addition, renal atrophy because there are two things: renal tuberculosis (unilateral renal reduced, with contralateral hydronephrosis or compensatory increase), renal artery stenosis, and congenital hypoplasia. Kidney atrophy How do I know? Renal B-normal: the left kidney, 8.1 to 11 cm length, 5.5 ~ 7 cm of diameter, thickness of 4 to 5 cm; right kidney length 7.9 to 10.5 cm, diameter 5.5 to 7 cm, thickness of 4 to 5 cm. If the measured value is significantly smaller, already suffering from renal atrophy, in the end, poor prognosis, the treatment effect is also poor. If measured value slightly smaller or normal, that is, the mid-or early treatment, the prognosis is good. Thus, as in the kidney disease clinicians to understand patients with kidney size, analysis of the disease, prognosis, it is estimated efficacy are of great significance.
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