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Renal cysts diet health precautions?

Renal cysts of life care are the main points? Patients with renal cysts just know that disease, the general mood is very low, the treatment at the same time do not fit into, in fact, very conducive to disease control, patients with renal cysts how to do it?
A renal cyst of life care points:
First, patients with renal cysts remain optimistic thinking fun, and establish the confidence to overcome the disease: renal cystic disease is the result of the interaction of innate and acquired a variety of factors, scientific research has found all of these factors can change or be controlled to eliminate the , therefore, do not despair.
Second, the dietary considerations of renal cysts:
(1) is best not to drink class and beverages: to avoid alcohol, especially wine, in terms of the polycystic kidney disease patients should quit, alcohol on the kidneys to stimulate great. It can stimulate the polycystin activity to accelerate cyst growth.
Reasonable treatment for patients with renal cysts diet is very important to control the deterioration of renal function progress. Low-salt diet every 2 to 3 grams of edible salt is appropriate, eat potassium, phosphorus, diet to low protein, low-fat diet, eat foods rich in vitamins and plant crude fiber diet, maintain defecate unobstructed. In addition, following these foods aggravate the burden of disease or kidney, eat or to eat.
(2) Do not eat fermented foods: here talking about fermented food bacteria change fermented foods such as fermented bean curd, rotten eggs class. Avoid Edible such will help control the growth rate of the cysts.
(3) Do not eat high-protein food: each type of kidney disease, should be a low protein diet to avoid the body Nitrogen metabolites reduce the renal excretion force. Such as soybeans, tofu and other soy products.
(4) Do not eat animal intestines: the internal organs of animals made of cooked food is not suitable for patients with polycystic kidney food, especially animal liver, and a lot of metabolic toxins are left in the gut, if the patient is taking these substances invisible to the kidneys to increase the burden aggravate the condition.
(5), fried foods, spicy foods, sweets and do not eat, not free to believe in advertising supplements, so as not to damage the liver or increase the burden of the liver.
Renal cysts dietary considerations? Note: in the diet process
An improper diet, such as hunger is inadequate nutrition; fed injuries to the spleen and stomach digestion and absorption occur and blood circulation obstacle; overeating is easy Feiganhouwei metaplasia heat.
2, eating unclean, the light prone to cause gastrointestinal disease, severe cases, poisoning and even life-threatening.
, Eating partial addicted, such as more fresh raw cold, easily hurt the stomach yang, eat more hot Xin Wen will enable the gastrointestinal accumulated heat, flavors partial addicted for a long time, easily hurt internal organs.
These eating habits for the body is obvious. They are also directly or indirectly affect the development of cystic disease of the fluctuations. Therefore, to keep in mind the precautions in the diet. Because of the existence of personality differences in the diet of patients with renal cysts need to down in the guidance of professional doctors reasonable arrangements for their own eating habits.

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