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The chronic nephritis can Helvdoutang the?

Nephritis patients can Helvdoutang? Kidney patients in the diet should also pay attention to what? Nephritis patients in the end ate it? Patients with chronic nephritis, edema, oliguria or poor diet should eat light and easilydigestion of low-salt or salt-free diet. As the disease improves, the volume increases after the swelling subsided, in order to replenish the considerable loss of protein in the urine can be a gradual transition to high-quality protein diet. Associated with anemia, the choice of iron-rich foods, such as animal blood, liver, lean meat, jujube, black beans, black fungus, sesame and so on.
Nephritis patients can Helvdoutang? Friends of patients, nutrition experts to explain the disease-thirds by rule, seven by raising. As one aspect of convalescence, the diet plays a very important role. So, especially for the nephrotic this easily repeated recurrence of the disease, the more need to pay attention to the maintenance of the usual diet.Inadequate diet will lead to the repeated recurrence of the disease, free to patients with nephropathy friends must actively pay attention to their usual diet for maintenance of the disease from the details.
Chronic nephritis can Helvdoutang to to? Cause nephritis, mainly due to infection, particularly streptococcal infection. The best way is to enhance physical activity, enhance the body's resistance to disease prevention nephritis, in order to reduce respiratory tract infections, pharyngitis, tonsillitis and other diseases attack. Respiratory epidemics, and actively take preventive measures to take quarantine measures. Event of pharyngitis, influenza, impetigo skin diseases such as streptococcal infection should be a thorough treatment of early application of penicillin. Penicillin can not be users of erythromycin antibiotics to control infection and to observe the condition have a greater role in reducing the nephritis, the incidence of
With the fierce social competition, material civilization, spiritual civilization improved, as well as social groups aging. Diabetes and hypertension patients is increasing year by year, kind of disease is very complicated by nephritis, and could easily cause uremia.Therefore, usually must develop good habits, get rid of the alcohol smoking and other bad habits, regular health checks and early detection of diabetes and hypertension, effective control of blood glucose and blood pressure, is the best way to reduce the concurrent nephritis .

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