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Eating toxic cucumber leads to Kidney Failure?

Eating those toxic cucumber could lead to kidney failure? Maybe you have never dreamed of it. But the toxic cucumber is just the chief culprit responsible for the kidney failure happening in last year's "poison cucumber" event widely raged in Europe.
Last year, many European countries were confronted with the "poison cucumber" event. According to reports, after eating the toxic cucumber polluted by the enterophemorrhagic escherichia coli(EHEC), many people therefore got the hemolytic uremic syndrome. And the hemolytic uremic syndrome(HUS) is just the reason for the kidney failure in clinical.
So what is the HUS? How can it lead to renal failure?
Document suggests that HUC is related with such factors as infection, genetic factors, some chemical substances or medicines and other factors. The most possible reason for HUS in the event of "poison cucumber" is due to the EHEC.
If adults get the EHEC, the prognosis is always critical and the disease is easily to progress to death or chronic kidney failure. .
So pay attention to what you eat,if you do not care about too much, your kidney may be harmed.

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