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Can kidney disease patients drink milk?

Kidney disease patients have a lot of dietary restrictions, so many patients are asking whether milk can be drunk by them.
In fact, milk belongs to the catogory of high-quality protein foods. Except milk, high-quality protein milk also includes egg, lean meat, and so on. Patients with kidney disease are suggested to supply with these high-quality protein foods.
The content of high-quality protein contained in milk exceeds 80%, these high quality protein is very suitable for the body to absorb and use. Besides, the situation of calcium-phosphorus ratio imbalance widely exist in patients with kidney diseases, luckily, that ratio in milk is just appropriate, so milk has a good adjustment for the imbalance.
Due to the restriction of protein intake for kidney disease patients, so generally the intake of energy is not excessively restricted. The fat content in milk is about 2% -3.2% together with abundant energy, so these substances are easily absorbed by intestines, and furthermore, milk can make people's skin glossy, which can relieve the symptoms of skin dryness, hair withering yellow state happening in patients.
Besides what i have mentioned, there are also other benefits about milk, so for the kidney disease patients, drink a bag of milk each day is a good choice.

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