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Treatment of renal atrophy - degradation of extracellular matrix in renal failure patients how to supplement amino acids?

The nephrotic development to the late stage, patients often renal atrophy. Been increasing with the degree of renal atrophy, renal lesions growing range of renal function will show a decline trend. From the analysis of the causes of renal failure in patients with renal atrophy, renal atrophy is essentially the result of renal fibrosis. Imbalance of the extracellular matrix protein synthesis and degradation is in the process of renal fibrosis, renal atrophy and a very critical factor, the reasons for this imbalance greater than the degradation of the speed and level of renal interstitial ECM protein synthesis rate and level of , resulting in a large number of ECM in the abnormal accumulation and deposition of the renal interstitium, leading to renal fibrosis. Therefore, to solve the fundamental path renal failure patients with renal atrophy, is to occur for patients with renal fibrosis be targeted treatment. According to the results of clinical observation and animal experiments proved that traditional Chinese medicine in Chinese medicine the kidney area iontophoresis active substances with the ability to promote connective tissue degradation protease synthesis, and activation of metalloproteinase and thrombin activity, its mechanism of action is: one, traditional Chinese medicine activity The substance is mainly done by promoting the synthesis of the metalloproteinase and serine protease thrombin, the degradation of ECM and apoptosis. TCM active substances into the kidney by acting on the glomerular mesangial cells, can effectively increase the content of the mesangial area of ​​nitric oxide (NO), due to the increase of nitric oxide, mesangial area, including oxygen and relaxing factor increases the amount of activated metalloproteinase activity in order to achieve the purpose of ECM degradation. 3, Chinese medicine active substances inhibitory factor synthesis by blocking thrombin activation to remove the thrombin synthesis obstacle. Thrombin synthesis recovery of the ability to accelerate the degradation of ECM, thereby blocking a lot of accumulation of the ECM. What is the traditional Chinese medicine the kidney area iontophoresis? Ion of Chinese medicine penetration blocking renal fibrosis therapy is the hospital's original technology, which is a modern plasma processing technology on the basis of traditional Chinese medicine prescription of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of kidney disease, uremia, according to the traditional concept of disease outside the rule. " talk about drug plasma treatment, the use of Chinese medicine biological characteristics of the active substance after the plasma treatment, and with modern technology - ion Chinese medicine permeability tester, blood circulation for renal lesions, Qufeng network, in addition to saprophytic, a specific blocking renal fibrosis, the latest methods of treatment of kidney disease.

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