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Diet of high creatinine with end stage kidney failure

Creatinine attention of a diet high in points, including the following aspects:
First, the amount of salt restriction: Generally renal insufficiency symptoms of decompensated patients with azotemia, although high serum creatinine, and a variety of minor clinical symptoms, but a consequence of pathological moderate injury, visual with or without high blood pressure and swelling of the situation, control salt intake, and were given a low-salt or salt-free diet.
Second, protein supply: the patients azotemia, renal insufficiency, in order to control renal function continued to deteriorate, protein intake should be controlled, the choice of high-quality protein diet rich in high quality.
Third, the intake of vitamins: patients with renal failure creatinine should use vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C rich foods. If renal insufficiency, renal failure, creatinine only, but no oliguria, edema patients can not help but salt and water to maintain a low-salt diet. If there is severe edema, and high blood pressure and even heart failure should be strictly limited ban salt.
High creatinine patients need to pay attention in addition to the high creatinine diet, patients should also be noted that restrictions on tobacco, alcohol. Tobacco and alcohol poisoning, the poisoning of the kidneys, blood vessels, smoking, alcohol consumption, the more the greater the renal vascular injury earlier aggravation of renal arteriosclerosis, but also promote glomerular sclerosis, so regardless of renal function was normal or abnormal renal function creatinine patients must strictly tobacco and alcohol, to avoid kidney greater the damage.

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