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Renal failure in the early prevention?

How early prevention in patients with chronic renal failure, and slow the progression of chronic renal failure Chi has become a topic of the patient is very concerned about.
Primary prevention, also known as early prevention.
Existing renal disease or CRF Chi's primary disease, such as chronic nephritis, pyelonephritis, diabetes, high blood pressure may lead to early screening and timely and effective treatment to prevent possible chronic renal insufficiency.
Secondary prevention
That is, preventing chronic renal failure continued to progress and a sudden increase in patients with chronic renal failure Chi, and actively correct lipid metabolism disorder, into high-quality low-protein diet to control high blood pressure, to avoid aggravating factors, suitable for cold temperature, sheltered cold
Avoid exogenous infections. Attention to proper diet and rest, to effectively prevent the progress of the disease, and promote disease recovery.
Tertiary prevention
Health search, enter the end-stage renal failure in patients with active treatment to prevent life-threatening complications such as hyperkalemia, heart failure, severe metabolic acidosis, etc. in order to prolong the survival of our country such a population of many developing countries should be strengthened to prevent and delay the progression of CRF in early emphasis on non-dialysis treatment development, improvement and promotion. Dialysis and transplantation in the treatment should be used when saving lives.

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