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Influences to the Pregnant Women by Nephrotic Syndrome

Pregnancy is not only influential to the foetus, but it also has a great influence to the pregnant mom, here in this article we discuss this issue.
As for the pregnant women who already have any kinds of kidney diseases, the increase of the proteinuria is a common but unsustainable phenomenon. Most of the proteinuria is temporary and they are likely to disappear after the childbirth. And also, pregnancy is not likely to induce the relapse of the Nephrotic Syndrome.
If there appears the high blood pressure or proteinuria during pregnancy, the diagnosis for the original history of Nephritis and preeclampsia thereby becomes difficult. If the proteinuria and the high blood pressure could not disappear within the 3 months after childbirth, then the pregnant woman may have fundamental kidney diseases.
During the pregnancy, 10-20% original high blood pressure may deteriorate and 20% patients may show the new high blood pressure. Once the hypertension is accompanied by during a pregnancy, so the chance of the danger of the recurrence of high blood pressure in the next pregnancy could greatly increase. And moreover, the hypertension may be exiting for a long time, especially in the IgA Nephropathy.
The latest research has found out that pregnancy itself does not change the nature course for a mother with kidney disease.
When pregnancy, the GFR may have a physiological and temporary rise during the pregnancy, usually this rise is reversible. But for the patients who already have the symptoms such as Nephrotic Syndrome before the pregnancy, the increase, such as the creatinine, is not reversible, This case is most often seen in patients with IgA Nephrtopahty or MPGN.
So we can conclude that if the symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome, such as high blood pressure, or Renal Insufficiency, just happen during the time of pregnancy, then it may be a dangerous pregnancy.

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