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Diet for renal atrophy and renal failure

Renal failure, renal atrophy patients ate the contents provided by Shijiazhuang the nephrotic hospital renal failure treatment network original is as follows: kidney specialists say patients with renal failure, due to renal damage, food to eat into the body, the toxins produced by and waste can not be excreted normally, and therefore must pay special attention to diet, to avoid the body burden:
1, limit sodium intake: salt contains a high sodium content, if too much sodium in patients with renal failure in vivo, can cause the body of water retention, which causes heart and lung failure and renal failure aggravated the situation. Do not use low sodium due to low sodium, high in potassium.
2, to limit phosphorus intake: body of excessive phosphorus cause calcium loss, so the doctors will use drugs to help control the phosphorus content in the blood to prevent the generation of osteoporosis.
Water intake: excessive consumption of water, occurs when the kidneys can not exclude edema or cause heart and lung failure, so moisture control is a very important issue, the doctor will be a case the amount of urine, or The dialysis exclude the amount of water to determine the amount of water intake, the general will follow the previous day's urine output plus 500-750c.c.
Renal atrophy and how to controL? Renal atrophy patients, it is a very important issue, I hope to bring you help, at the symptomatic detoxification same time, the application micro of traditional Chinese medicine infiltration therapy, the use of traditional Chinese medicine active substances, the effective expansion at all levels of artery of the kidney, to remove diseased tissue, repair damaged glomerular filtration barrier, increasing the area of ​​the glomerular filtration, creatinine and other toxins to reduce natural, with the gradual recovery of renal function, a variety of symptoms have been remission, the condition to resume.
Treatment is critical, if not treated or improperly can cause a condition for further progress, or even result in late renal failure, thyrotoxicosis. The key to treatment is to block renal fibrosis, and repair damaged kidney disease can be controlled, the natural decline in creatinine, complications can be controlled, but also to prevent repeated. Comprehensive treatment measures are being taken to the condition under control, to prevent the progress of the disease, impaired kidney were able to repair the damaged nephron to be reversed, renal fibrosis was fully blocked, but also to prevent repeated.

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