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Will You Illustrate How Traditional Chinese Herbs Help Regain Kidney Functions

Traditional Chinese herbs have developed through thousands of years history. The greatness and miracleness is known to many. Can traditional Chinese medicines be applied in the treatment of kidney diseases? Will the treatment help patients regain kidney functions? 
       The questions are common concerns among the patients. Starting from present treatment of kidney diseases. As we know, kidney disease is currently mainly treated by hormones, immunosupressive medicines, anti-hypertensive medicines, detoxification medicines. All of those medicines are proven effective in slowing down renal progression and remitting symptoms. However, the truth is, most pateints don't completely avoid kidney progression. They find their kidney function deteriorating, symptoms replaping again and again, creatinine rising..and thereby, finally don't avoid end-stage kidney disease. In ESKD, the treatment is only dialysis, or some others seek hope from kidney transplantation.

The treatment concept in traditional Chinese medicine differs from western treatment methods. Early treatment is emphasized to stop further renal injury. Actually, when in early time, no high creatinine and maybe at stage 3/4, the patients have chances of improving kidney functions to a much higher satisfactory level. Not the same as the symptom-targeted treatment measures. Of course, another aspect to know about traditional Chinese medicine treatment is that, its repairing processs is a gradual one. The pateints need to persist treatment, be confidence and meanwhile, take care for details in their daily life. In present medical treatment, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a treasured treatment technique in kidney disease pateints. It is the kind of external application method of traditional Chinese herbal remedy, which has been applied through 26 years of expertise treatment in China. Persistence of treatment and early treatment is important, why do we say so? 
Once 44-year-old women from Henan Province in China told us what all she has passed through. Intially, her creatinine level was at 1.4, and the local doctors applied some detoxification medicines. Creatinine lowered to normal range indeed, and she was so happy. But in one years, creatinine rose to 3.5, out of control by medicines. And at this time, when she went to doctor again. This time doctor indicates if this goes on, then she will have to enter dialysis. She viewed the Chinese medicine treatment as the last straw. Before treatment, she doubted a lot, wondering whether what the doctor said of "getting rid of dialysis" is true, or she should just wait for death. The final decision to accept treatment supported by loved ones around eventually prove it is worth it. 
Looking back to present medical field, dialysis is still widely accepted, and if they can cope with it carefully, they may live 10-15 years. However, the pateints eventually very weak. Death ahead, or just a possible transplantation is their best hope. Traiditonal Chinese medicine is increasingly known by the world, and it casts light and new hope on the patients. We have the confidence, and just hope, to help as much kidney disease sufferers from the world. As the largest kidney diasease specialized hospital in China, we feel the great obligation to help more and more kidney disease sufferers look on their disease objectively, seriously but also hopefully.. 
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