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People with diabetes can eat bananas?

Condition analysis:
The control of blood glucose is the purpose of treatment of patients with diabetes. All foods rich in sugar for diabetic patients need to be restrained., People with diabetes can eat bananas you?
Opinions and suggestions:
But to eat banana sugar content is high, pay attention to controlling the amount of control of blood sugar, to eat
1.The nutritional value of a banana
Bananas contain starch, protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, carotenoids, vitamins A, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, dietary fiber. Heat, relax, and detoxification. For toothache, constipation, fever, polydipsia, dry throat, sore throat, Hyperactivity cough, all kinds of pain, sore throat, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, coronary embolism secondary nursed back to health. The rind decoction hangover.
2. the use of banana
Banana fruit in addition to for fresh fruit consumption, can also be used for processing, such as ripe bananas can be made of banana powder, used for making pastry and bread; fruit brew banana wine or extract alcohol after fermentation; canning of ripe fruit can be processed, preserved fruit, dried banana, juice, flavor, and so on. false banana stems, suckers, buds contain large quantities of nutrients, is a good green fodder can be used to feed the pigs. false stem and leaves are rich in cellulose, can be made rope, braid, and paper; false  fruit juice can distill a food preservative and dye fixative, false stem ash alkali content is high, can be used for caustic soda water. false stems, leaves, high potassium content, chopped back after Tian increase soil organic matter and loose soil, but also increase the potassium of the soil.
3, the banana eating Taboo:
1) constipation appropriate morning fasting bananas constipation a therapeutic effect.
2) hyperacidity should not be eating, stomach pain, indigestion, diarrhea should not eat.

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