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Dialysis whether lowering serum creatinine

Dialysis whether lowering serum creatinine
First, what is serum creatinine? Serum creatinine (Scr) and endogenous creatinine (from decomposition of the body creatine from the formation constant, from the influence of food ingredients) and exogenous creatinine (derived from the intake of fish, meat food). Serum creatinine also known as serum creatinine, generally considered to be endogenous creatinine, endogenous creatinine is a product of the metabolism of human muscle. In muscle, creatine is mainly by the irreversible non-enzymatic dehydration reaction slowly constitute creatinine, and then released into the bloodstream, with the urinary excretion. Thus closely related to serum creatinine and total body muscle and less susceptible to dietary influence. Creatinine small molecules can be filtered through the kidney ball very little absorption in the renal tubules, creatinine the body produces daily, almost all with the urine, are generally not subject to the urine output impact. Clinical detection of serum creatinine is one of the main way of common understanding of renal function.
Creatinine level more than half of the intrinsic cells for kidney patients, under normal circumstances means that the kidney is healthy at least damage. Because creatinine level? how to reduceCreatinine level ? Creatinine level how the treatment? The causes of elevated serum creatinine? Creatinine level is due to intrinsic renal cell injury, leading to kidney original functional disorder, with the damage kidney more and more intrinsic cells, gradually increased the scope of kidney function is lost, the toxins from the body can not be excreted, resulting in increased laboratory tests of serum creatinine. When serum creatinine height exceeds 707umol / l, which means the patient's condition has been developed to uremia stage.
Creatinine level how the treatment? In general, the creatinine level generally use western medicine for detoxification, but, after a long period of clinical observation, we found that western medicine detoxification treating the symptoms not the illness, only temporarily serum creatinine down, those are surface phenomena, generally maintained 2-3 times per week dialysis assisted detoxification, or after a certain period of time, serum creatinine will rapidly increased.
Serum creatinine increased renal fibrosis, with normal nephron filtration function is replaced by fibrous tissue, loss of detoxification function. Stones is due to colloids and crystal metabolic imbalance due to the body, and infection, nutritional and metabolic disorders, urinary tract foreign body, urine smoldering and geographical and climatic factors. But strong growth to a certain period will lead to renal parenchymal damage, and now the key to treatment is inherent in the gravel at the same time repair the kidney cells, the renal parenchyma, a comprehensive repair, eliminate the cause from the fundamental, it is recommended that you use Chinese medicine to regulate system treatment programs. Because Chinese medicine does not contain any hormones, and the prognosis is not easy repeated.
· Kidney disease hospital the TCM holographic machine due to intervention therapy with the comprehensive treatment of live kidney series of prescriptions, which can effectively repair the damaged functional nephron. TCM holographic machine intervention therapy, drugs active ingredients penetrate through the acupuncture points spread to the kidney, active through the kidney, blood circulation, lowering cloud detoxification by means activate kidney function to clear the kidneys, for the purpose. TCM holographic machine intervention therapy can promote and improve the already shrinking the necrosis of the kidney microcirculation, accelerate the metabolism of the diseased kidney, so that the active ingredients in drugs to fully play its role, to repair damaged glomerular enhanced glomerular reabsorption, restore kidney normal the physiological function of serum creatinine, blood urea nitrogen decreased to normal.

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