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Symptoms for Kidney Failure in Different Stages

Kidney Failure is usually divided into there stages, which are early-stage Kidney Failure, moderate-stage of Kidney Failure and end-stage Kidney Failure. Each stage has different characteristics. Some people want to know the knowledge about symptoms at each stage so as to judge at which stage Kidney Failure they are. Only according to the knowledge about symptoms, of course, can’t exactly or precisely know the specific stage of Kidney Failure. You should do urine test, blood test, kidney function test as well as bilateral Ultrasound, which can tell you the real illness condition scientifically.
Early-stage Kidney Failure
During this stage, patients are suffering from hypertension, ischemia, sepsis or nephrotoxin, and all of which can easily cause Acute Tubular Necrosis. However, no serious damages have been caused to kidney parenchyma during this time, so the symptoms are inconspicuous. In order to prevent the occurrence of Acute Tubular Necrosis, urine ordinary test and blood test are necessary for the timely detection and treatment of this disease.
Moderate-stage Kidney Failure

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