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Cold Limbs for Patients with Kidney Failure

If you or your relative have kidney disease, especially for patients at the stage of Kidney Failure, you may curious about the symptom of cold limbs. The symptom of cold limbs is common for patients with Kidney Failure. Cold limb is caused by Kidney Failure so that in order to relieve cold limbs, we should start from the treatment of Kidney Failure. Only when Kidney Failure is cured, can the symptom of cold limbs can be treated.
The cause of cold limbs:
Patients with Kidney Failure mean kidney insufficiency, which will lead to a series of symptoms such as edema, anemia, cold, vomit and nausea and so on. Most of the symptoms are caused by blocked blood circulation, which will lead to ischemia and nausea. In case ischemia and anoxia occur, the whole body system will be affected. Immune complex in blood vessels will make artery diameter narrow down, blood backflow ability decreased and then peripheral circulation decreased. If blood circulation is improved, the symptoms of ischemia and anoxia in kidneys can be improved, which means kidney can, to some extent, recover the function of discharging kidney wastes and providing enough cleaning blood to each organ, thus the symptom of cold limb can be improved.
How to recover kidney function?
Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has the function of dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degrading immune complex and then preventing kidney fibrosis. These functions taking effect at the same time can repair damaged kidney tissues.
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