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The Early Signs of Uremia

Uremia is the end stage of Renal Failure. It is a long time from Kidney Diseases to Uremia. Some people with kidney diseases are surprised at the news that they have been at the stage of Uremia, because they feel nothing bad in daily life. Actually, it is they that neglect the early signs of Uremia, which usually undermine their health covertly. There are four main signs indicating Uremia.
Pale Face People with anemia usually look pale. The same goes to patients with Uremia, because those patients always have renal anemia. At the stage of Uremia, metabolic wastes depositing in body and electrolytes are put in disturbance, which restrain the producing and maturing of red blood cells. As renal anemia developing slowly, people usually treat it as the common anemia and have no ideal to test their renal functions, which delays or miss the best chance of treatment.
Swelling Swelling is an obvious sign for being found, but it is also easily to be ignored. At the beginning, swelling only occurs to eyelid in the morning and will fades away after noon. When people feel tired, swelling will happen to feet and disappear after they have a rest, which seldom attracts their attention. It is late to find Generaldropsy, when the disease has developed into Uremia.
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