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The Key Points to Lower Serum Creatinine

Many people with Kidney Failure have the symptom of high Serum Creatinine. High Serum Creatinine will seriously influence people's health and there will have some symptoms such as water metabolic disorder, sodium metabolic disorder, potassium disorder and acidosis and so on so that the treatment of high Serum Creatinine is very important to people's health. In the final analysis, high Creatinine is caused by the declining of kidney function. In order to know how to Lower Serum Creatinine, patients with Kidney Failure should first know what cause high Serum Creatinine.
The causes of high Serum Creatinine:
People with Kidney Failure know that the declining of kidney function can lead to high Serum Creatinine. Do you know the reason? Serum Creatinine is an important factor to judge whether the kidneys can work normally. When kidneys are damaged, the function of filtrating blood and producing urine will decrease so that extra wastes such as Creatinine can not be discharged out of body and then accumulated in blood. At this time, high Serum Creatinine can occur. The root to Lower Serum Creatinine is to recover kidney function. However, kidney fibrosis is the root cause of Kidney Failure.
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