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Early Detection and Early Treatment of Renal Failure

While, what are the symptoms in early stage of Renal Failure? The symptoms mainly represent in the following aspects:
1. Symptoms of Hematuresis and Proteinuria aggravate.
When urine protein and hematuresis occur to Chronic Kidney Disease patients, if the condition can not be controlled effectively at early stage, the symptoms of urine protein and hematuresis will continuously aggravate, thus leading to moderate and severe urine protein and hematuresis. In general, urine protein can be 3+ and even 4+.
2. Body edema sharpens.
At early stage, edema of Chronic Kidney Disease patients just manifests like that eyelid edema in the morning or mild edema on lower limbs. In Renal Failure period, edema will spread to all parts of the body, such as face, bilateral lower limbs, and even ascites, pulmonary edema, hydropericardium and so on may occur.
3. Blood pressure increases continuously.
From early Chronic Kidney Disease to early Renal Failure period, patients’ glomerulus damaged seriously with persistent state of ischemia and anoxia, and meanwhile blood pressure of internal blood vessels can not be controlled effectively, thus leading to persisting high pressure occurs, that is Renal Hypertension.
Moreover, except the 3 typical manifestations listed above, in early stage of Renal Failure, patients may still have other symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting, sensation of chill and so on. However, the index of creatinine and urea nitrogen may increase through renal function test.

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