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Blood Plasma Exchange Experimental Research Effects

Truth about blood plasma exchange
The basic principles of blood component replacement (apheresis) means by centrifugation or a membrane cell separator to eliminate cellular components (such as red blood cells, lymphocytes, white blood cells,platelets, plasma), the other components of transfusion to the patient. The eradication of one liter of plasma, blood decreased plasma protein lg/d1 However, because the balance and protein synthesis compartment, so it is necessary to exchange weekly 2.5 liters of plasma to plasma protein levels. About 509,6 of total IgG and 679/6 of a total of IgM. Nine of the period of three weeks 50mg/kg exchange, leaving only 5% of the original plasma. Eradication of plasma proteins and composition, depending on its charge, solubility, and other plasma protein pro-Heli, structure, synthesis and photo
The rate of incorporation. In the immune disorder, a combination of free inhibitor can slow down the immune globulin recovery. If you do not use of immunosuppressive agents, antibodies in the initial decline is visible after the
Now "antibodies anti-jump" or some of the antibody levels increased rapidly, to achieve blood components set tendency to change the value of the former base level, which is often associated with disease activity. Plasma usually by the United
Application albumin, salt and water replacement. Some of the complications of lupus (such as blood clots bloodBoard purpura) must use the new frozen plasma replacement. Plasmapheresis serious
Complications (such as low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, infection), low incidence, reportedly less than 3%.
2 The application of  plasma exchange in SLE treatment can eradicate the cycle immune complexes(eg, free antibodies, complement components), changing and achieve great relievings in the patients. 

In a reported plasma exchange improve suppressor cells function in the other reports. Its selective eradication of the anti DNAIgG. Steven and other confirmed in the plasma set. After the change, monocytes kill the bacteria capacity to be improved; in the light disease, Tsokos found on mitosis original proliferative response of lymphocyte subsets percentage of no change. However, Wallace et al reported 17 cases of steroids or immunosuppressive. Inhibitor resistance in patients with lupus nephritis, B cells and T-cell count is normal,but to promote a mitogenic response and CD4 levels dropped after 15 plasmapheresis.

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