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What does the anemia of renal failure caused by eating

Renal failure often lead to symptoms of anemia, many patients and their families are concerned about how to eat better in order to improve the symptoms of anemia in patients with renal failure. Suffered damage due to kidney function, the body can not produce enough hormones needed to manufacture red blood cells, resulting in anemia. In fact, for patients with renal insufficiency, appropriate to eat some black beans and black fungus and other food to supplement the anemia caused by kidney failure. The following patients with renal failure and how to do a blood food.
Participation KM: ginseng and jujube stewed into. Ginseng (American ginseng) Qi and spleen function, the the jujube function of the spleen and stomach, to Ginseng 6g red dates 6 tomatoes oral administration. Anemia of chronic renal insufficiency patients, progress hemoglobin.
The parameter Yuan Tang: ginseng and longan Aozhi. Ginseng (American ginseng) the function of Spleen Qi, longan meat functionality nourishing the nerves; ginseng and longan meat 6g 10, Gong Zhu taken orally, anemia in patients with chronic renal insufficiency, palpitation, nourishing and soothe the nerves of ergonomics.
Honey cream of mulberry: Mulberry nourishing kidney, honey, moistening, nourishing, fresh mulberry 100g (or dry goods 500g), thick fried, with honey 250g received ointment for chronic renal failure kidney yin deficiency, insomnia irritability.
The amount of millet, dates, red bean, yam (fresh), add water gruel boil when you add appropriate amount of food base; often taking; chronic renal failure anemia in patients taking, spleen and Water, and the ergonomics of the stomach and nourishing.
Better improvement is the most fundamental treatment for the symptoms of anemia of renal failure caused by treatment of the renal system, the only reasonable treatment of renal anemia complications. Therefore, patients with chronic renal failure should be the principle of low-protein, low fat, low phosphorus, low-salt "diet guidelines, patients with chronic renal failure diet should be light, avoid spicy spicy food.
Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital experts have warned that patients can choose the immunotherapy treatment of renal failure, can effectively enhance the immune system, help alleviate renal failure caused by a series of complications. Immune tolerance, immune clearance system for the treatment of immune regulation, immune protection, immune restoration, thereby blocking the root causes of disease, repeated and worsening, thus easing a series of complications of renal failure.

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