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What Kinds of Food Lowers Creatinine Level

What Kinds of Food Lowers Creatinine Level
What Kinds of Food Lowers Creatinine Level

I have to say, creatinine level cannot be decreased by any kind of food. In other words, no matter what food patients eat, the creatinine level will rise.
More and more people are pursuing for health promotion by diet and aerobics. Some people even make their disease treated by diet therapy. It seems that some people benefit from diet therapy. In this condition, patients experiencing high creatinine level wonder what kinds of food can lower creatinine level.
A small amount of creatinine comes from food metabolism. After eating, creatinine will be produced. The more patients eat, the higher the creatinine level is.
However, it is impossible for patients not to eat anything. To solve this problem, patients have two choices. One choice is to make their damaged kidneys repaired since it is the kidney damage that results in the inability of kidneys to discharge creatinine in blood. The other choice is to receive dialysis as necessary.
Generally, if patients' creatinine level doesn't reach to 450 ummol/L, they are recommended to receive herbal medicine treatment so as to help repair the kidneys. Once the kidneys are repaired, the kidneys can discharge creatinine by themselves.
If patients' creatinine level reaches to 450 ummol/L, they are recommended to take dialysis to help remove creatinine. By this way, the creatinine level can be lowered for the time being. And then herbal medicines can perform the function to repair the kidneys on the basis of relatively clean internal environment.

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