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How to treat protein in urine

The normal 24-hour protein in urine range ≦ 0.15g, routine laboratory testing was negative.Such as urine protein> 150 mg / day, urinary protein, the human body from the urinary protein content increased significantly, and are abnormal urinary protein. Urine protein isgenerally not too serious, you are sick is not very understanding, control and treatment ofsuch patients need timely. A long period of urine protein renal inherent cell structure isdamaged, leading to kidney filtration barrier injury, can not stop resulting from theleakage of protein. Treatment only symptomatic treatment rather than the reasons fortreatment for the inherent cell structure caused by kidney damage, protein is only temporary control, easily repeated. The root cause of treatment should be inherent in thekidney cells.
How to treat protein in urine
Can be drawn from the above, the treatment of urinary protein the correct treatment is thetreatment of kidney. Kidney Disease hospital of micro-penetrationtherapy of Chinese medicine to start first from the perspective of immunology, issuedaccording to the human body tissues and organs of the holographic theory of biology,physiology, pathology information and drug action information, the overall concepts anduse of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment methods combined with theintroduction of high-tech renal detection of ECT by U.S. Sunoco, accurate selection of kidney disease hospital developed a series of traditional Chinese medicine preparation, the use of holographic instrument kidney area iontophoresis. With the oral medicine at the same time, activate the body’s immune system, re-regulate the immune function enables the body to produce huge super-self-repair capacity, accelerate its metabolismand repair, the new health and blood stasis, regulating yin and yang, improving renal pathological changes, clear the destructive substances in the kidney (immune complexesand metabolites), the stability of residual renal function; protect cell membranes, andscavenge oxygen free radicals, thereby protecting the residual renal units, and are destroying the renal unit to recover from the fundamental, atrophy of the kidneys to improve, so that patients with renal failure to avoid, delay, or to get rid of the dialysis to achieve the restoration and preservation of residual renal function ultimately to fundamentally eliminate the urine protein, red blood cells (occult blood) in urine, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment.

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