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Dialysis of renal failure patients can be cured?

Many patients with renal failure in the choice of treatment, dialysis is a commonly used treatment methods. However, many patients in the dialysis process, see the uninterrupted continuous treatment and the cost of many patients with renal failure had a doubt: renal failure patients on dialysis in the end can be cured? Following analysis of this issue.
Dialysis patients with renal failure can be cured? Dialysis treatment of renal failure?
Dialysis is solute through a semipermeable membrane from high concentration solution to the low concentration of the direction of movement. Hemodialysis, including the movement of solute movement and water, blood and dialysate in the dialyzer (artificial kidney) by the contact and the concentration gradient of the semi-permeable membrane material exchange, metabolic wastes and excess electrolyte in the blood to the dialysatemove in the dialysate calcium base to move into the bloodstream. Dialysis in a short time, the body of creatinine and protein content down, you can extend the lives of patients, dialysis, excessive accumulation in the blood of toxins and excess water can be cleared in vitro, adding alkali to correct acidosis, adjust the electrolyte imbalance, replace the kidney excretory function.
Dialysis renal failure dependence, the kidneys gradually lose function.
Dialysis is the artificial kidney replacement therapy of kidney function, dialysis treatment alone only on the surface to reduce serum creatinine, recovery of renal function, this treatment but instead of the kidney to the exercise of its function, the removal of toxins through the external, it can only play temporary relief role, still to solve the not nephropathy fundamental problem, because the inherent structure of the damaged kidney dialysis will not repair damaged kidney function; and dialysis addictive, leading to the more transparent the more ground, with increasing frequency, urine less and less; will cause the kidneys to gradually lose the original function. In addition, the dialysis time in the hospital to government regulations guide price is 500 yuan, the high cost of dialysis is not any family can afford. That had renal failure, how to treat good?
The nephrotic Hospital of Weifang, Shandong Red Sun has developed a set of traditional Chinese medicine the holographic genes intervention therapy, this therapy by regulating the body immune function, repair of the glomerular basement membrane, the active ingredients of drugs through the acupuncture point infiltration spread to patients with kidney through the kidney, for active, blood circulation, reduce turbidity detoxification way to clear the kidney, activation of renal function for the purpose. Promote and improve the renal microcirculation has been shrinking necrosis, and accelerated lesion kidney metabolism, so that the active ingredients in drugs to fully play its role, repair damaged glomerulus, enhanced glomerular reabsorption, restoring the kidneys of normal physiological functions, so that the blood creatinine is raised to normal.
By the above explanation, you have to find a good way to treat renal failure, right! Hope you can standardize the treatment, early restoration of health! !

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