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Neglected Symptoms in Early Stage of Renal Failure

The symptoms neglected at early stage of Renal Failure include:
1. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
When there is Renal Failure, the insulin in the body can not be effectively inactivated, which causes the Diabetes Mellitus patients with high blood sugar to show the symptom of hypoglycemia.
2. Anemia:
Renal failure causes the erythropoietin to decrease which is produced by normal healthy kidney, which leads to hypodynamia, anemia and so on.
3. Fracture:
Renal failure causes vitamin d3 which regulates the metabolic activity of calcium and phosphorus to decline, so the patient may easily fracture.
4. Epistaxis (nosebleed):
Renal failure causes the function of coagulation to decline, which is the reason of bleeding from nose regularly.
5. Heart Failure:
The toxin and acidosis in the Renal Failure patient’s body restrain the systolic function and diastolic function of myocardial cells, which results in Heart Failure.
6. Feminization in men:
Estrogen in Renal Failure patient can not be effectively inactivated, which causes male patient to have breast augmentation and less body hair which are the female’s features.

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